Life lately | Jackson’s 20 Months old, what?!

The promise of summer is here! We have been anxiously awaiting the longer days and warmer weather and ability to go out and PLAY! Jack is all boy and loves being outside. From the time he was born he has been a major fan of the outside and it always seems to calm and entertain him.

We have been enjoying our rushed, but precious weekday nights and savor our weekends. We have been through a couple illnesses which made mom very tired and brought the introduction of new TV shows as a way to appease a sick little boy (only works for so long since this guy wants to MOVE!)

I say this all the time but THIS is my new favorite stage! 🙂 It really does just keep getting better. He’s communicating with us so much more now and putting little sentences together. Gotta watch what we say because he picks up on everything. Common phrases are: “Aww Man” “I got it” “I more” “My Show” “bread and butter” “Wash it” “Mommy and Daddy and Jack”. We love going through roll call with all our families names and name off everyone that he knows.

He’s the sweetest little guy and we are blessed to be his parents (have I said that before??)


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