My 3 MUST have products!


Summer is coming! Are your skin products ready?!?!

Over the past few years I have made an intentional effort to switch to safer products. There are tons of yucky chemical lurking in the products you use every day that can cause hormonal changes, have been linked to cancer and even reproductive concerns. No thank you!

And lets face it, I’m also not getting any younger so I’m looking for ways to ‘age gracefully’ and stop further damage to my skin (If I could I would tell my younger self, WEAR MORE SUNCREEN, and don’t worry about what it does to you hair – wear a hat outdoors!)

So here are just a few of my favorite products and why:

  1. SUNSCREEN – Seriously though. I’m confinced that this, Hydration and moisturizers are the fountain of youth. Wear it daily. Wear it more. Research says that we should get 20 min of sun exposure sans sunscreen but think about the amount of time you’re outside daily. Add it all up. And all the places that are exposed. Basically, wear more sunscreen. I’m obsessed with Beautycounter’s sunscreen stick. Goes on easy, feels great and it’s a safe non -nano zinc based sunscreen so I feel good using it on me and Jack! (more info on safe kind of sunscreen Sunscreen Guide
  2. Face Oil – I heard about the magic of face oils just over a year ago when I was introduced to Beautycounter. More info on the magic here: Clean Face Oils
    I love Beautycounter’s oil  and think it’s amazing. I’m also starting to making my own oil just using Argan Oil and DoTERRA essential oil!
  3. Eye Cream – Tired mom. Enough said 😉 But eye cream is great for the ahem, delicate skin around your eyes. After years of not wearing sunglasses, and well living life, my eyes could use a little cream! AND the best part about Beautycounter’s Eye Perfecting eye cream is that it helps reduce the pufiness that comes with tired mama eyes! It’s a keeper for my routine for sure! Eye Perfector Eye Cream

What are YOUR favorite, must have products?? Let me know!



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