Shakeology – Is it worth it?


Shakeology. You may have heard of it. You may think it’s just an expensive protein powder or think it’s a scam. I was very skeptical too. I don’t trust things that say they’re THAT wonderful and think there must be something missing.

I don’t know everything about it or how this magic powder works, but I do believe that the company is trying to make a difference in a society that is addicted to sugar and eating too much processed food.

In a society that has changed farming practices so much that most of our foods are unrecognizable from what they were before or at least are not as nutritious as they used to be.

Where diabetes and obesity are on the rise in scary ways.

So, for now I’m fueling my body each day with micronutrients it’s not getting in the rest of my (already healthy) diet. I use this as my multi-vitamin, probiotic, and greens and protein boost. I use it as part of my healthy breakfast.

I love the energy that it gives me and seriously notice a difference in the way I feel when I drink it on a daily basis. Yes it’s expensive. Maybe it’s a placebo. But right now I’ll hedging my bets that it’s a win-win and running with it!

Interested in learning more check out this video or message me for more information!


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