3 day refresh – break the sugar cycle!

3 day refresh (2)

 If you’re like me it’s easy to fall into the cycle of eating what’s available, or high in sugar, and the you find yourself constantly craving it!  If you feel like can’t beat the sugar habit (or plan to indulge over memorial-day weekend) this would be a great thing to get you back on track! This is a great “cleanse” because it’s not just liquid. You get to eat real food so you don’t feel like you’re depriving yourself. You’ll spend 3 days focusing on eating cleaning your body and pushing rest on your sugar and non helpful food cravings. 

We are kicking off the day after Memorial Day weekend (May 31st) so message me if you want more info on what it consists of or if you want to join us 💃🏼. Always a good idea to give our bodies a reset or break the habit of daily sweets! 😉. Who’s in? Tag a friend who would want to join you!

Email me at: fullyalivemama@gmail.com to secure your spot! (or sign up at facebook event here



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