Overnight Oats and Smoothie Bowls


The weather is warming up and I’m feeling inspired to switch up my morning breakfast routine. I have been an oatmeal for breakfast kinda gal for a long time. Like I’m in a rut for a long time. We would make a big batch of steal cut oats and add nuts and berries or nut butters (for protein) and eat that pretty much every day.

I still love my oatmeal but have been looking for ways to freshen it up lately. My sister-in-law reminded me about overnight oats (all the pinterest rage) and they looked so good I have been giving them a try! Great for busy mornings when you want a grab and go breakfast (or snack). Just need to remember to make them the night before (always my plan to make lunches/breakfasts the night before but sometimes it just seems like too much effort, am I right?)

My favorite has been: 

1 cup almond milk (or whole milk)

1/2 gluten free oats from TJ’s

1 tablespoon chia seeds



Mix milk, oats and chia seeds in mason jar or other glass container. Top with berries and walnuts. Cover and refrigerate overnight. Open in the morning and enjoy!

Some other favorites below! (smoothie bowls might be my new favorites as well! all though be careful – the calories can add up in these but a great way to get in fruit and veggies!)

My Favorite Smoothies

 Blueberry smooth bowl 

Overnight Oats






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