The Power of Habits


Lets talk HABITS today!

Is there a habit that you’re wanting to start or change? I know we’ve all heard that it takes ’21 days’ to start a new habit but I believe this is only part of the equation.

I’ve recently read the “Power of Habits” and wanted to share a few tips the author suggests and see if we can start to put them into practice this month!

Habits can be broken down into a 3-part “habit loop”: A Cue; A routine and a reward (that’s why just making it a routine isn’t always enough to stick with it!)

A cue has to trigger a habit, otherwise the habit won’t happen.

I challenge you to start today by thinking of your habit you want to start or change and if there’s a specific “Cue” that makes you want to do this thing. (example: for me my ‘cue’ for working out is putting my son to bed. I know that when he goes to bed the first thing I do is go workout)

So what about cue’s. In order to change/start a habit we have to look at our CUE that initiates it. Cues fall into 5 categories: Location, Time, Emotional State, Other people, the immediately preceding action.

If you have a habit of getting coffee every day at work (ahem, me!) the cue for this could be any but for me it’s the time of day. Could be you see something that triggers the habit, being bored, anxious, you always do “X” when in a certain place, etc…

Look at your habit and think about the main cue that triggers it. Changing the habit starts with acknowledging what the cue for it is. THEN you can start to change that habit!!

Watch yourself as you start to do whatever it is you want to change. Try and pause in that moment and think about what is going on and why you feel you need to do that (Is it location, time, emotional state, other people, or an immediately preceding action?)

Building habits can help us build other habits. “Keystone habits” help us create ‘small wins’ in our lives, increase motivation, create momentum and create routines for building other habits! So, start small.

Creating a simple habit can lead to big change in your lives. We don’t have to start out by changing all of our habits at once, but pick one and stick with it and it can be the catalyst for BIG change in our lives.

Habit and routine are huge for being successful at balanced and healthy living!!  I truly believe it’s the one thing that keeps more going more than anything else!


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