Bacon Family Expansion!

We recently shared that our family is expanding and we’re over the moon excited about it! While it’s nice to be free to run around in maternity clothes, and feels good to have others know, it’s always a little scary. So much could still happen.

I don’t take this blessing lightly and know how much of a miracle each and every baby is. I am forever and beyond grateful for the sweet boy that God gave me & Ryan to parent and am excited to get another little one to love and cherish.

I just left the first trimester which traditionally marks the end of the high miscarriage mark and the time when parents can relax into their pregnancy a little more. I’m a bit of an anxious nelly and tend to feel a little nervous through out the whole pregnancy. I had a miscarriage back in December at 7 weeks and that made me appreciate the delicate state that is pregnancy all that much more.

SO, I’m rocking a 12 week – going on 20 – week belly. I’m feeling better than I was in the beginning and looking forward to entering the sweet spot of pregnancy, the second trimester.

We’re looking forward to watching this little baby grow and can’t wait to meet him/her in January! (lets just hope they don’t need to come early like Jack did!)



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