Cookbooks & Time Saving with Meal Planning


I’m still trying to get the hang of meal planning and finding out the system that works for us, but have found it’s KEY to use easy one pot meals that are quick to make. I try to make my shopping list/meal plan before going to Trader Joes or we end up eating the same staple meals each week (sorry honey).

A few of our Tips: 

1. Have a stocked pantry of staples to make some of your favorite easy meals. It’s great when you’re short on time, or didn’t make it to the store, to know you can still eat a healthy meal.

2. Create a binder of your family favorites and use this to do your meal planning. I have one organized by meal type and just sort through when I’m looking to plan our weekly meals. I like to add a couple new ones in when I can but on weeks where I know I’ll be busy I just stick to what I know (new meals take more time and energy to make than ones you know how to make!)

3. Keep is simple! This season in your life might not be the time to make elaborate meals. And that’s ok. Make it what works for you and is sustainable over time!

4. Meal Prep! Vital to making healthy meals fast. We try to bulk make a few things each week and help make throwing dinner easier. I make a couple big batches of oatmeal each week, bake sweet potatoes and hard boil eggs. I need to get better about prepping my veggies too!

And a couple of my favorite Cookbooks:

Meals Made Simple by Danielle Walker
Fixate by Autumn Calabrese
Anti inflammatory diet & action plan
Make ahead paleo 
Giada’s feel good food

What are some of your meal plan tips and favorite cookbooks?


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