Our Baby turned 2!

Oh my! How quickly the years have passed (and how slooooowwwwllyy some days had passed too!) Looking back now it seems like we blinked and the tiny, sleepy baby became a talking, running, ball full of big emotions and lots of love!! I know everyone comments on how fast it goes but you don’t really realize it until you go through it.

Our sweet boy is 31 lbs and 80% for his height, weight and head size!! He’s talking in full sentences and all the time. His favorite phrases right now are, “what’s mommy (or person he’s with) doing?” “What’s that noise?” ; “What’s this kind?”

He’s obsessed with lawn mowers, leaf blowers, trimmers, all things tools and cleaning and ‘monkey george’ books. He’s a sweet heart and still mostly a great eater but we can see snippets of his ‘toddlerness’ coming through. He’s showing big emotions and knows what he wants and likes to test his boundaries. (and his testing mom and dad’s patience as well).

We are excited that Jackson gets to be a big brother in about 6 months and know he’s going to be such a great one!! We are certainly blessed with this sweet and fun spirit and while he keeps us on our toes we wouldn’t change a single second of it!



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