Baby Bacon News, we’re having…



No, just kidding! But for a couple minutes this morning we thought we were. No joke. We went to the Dr for our 16 week check up and the machine was playing tricks on us! It must have had a mirror image issue because when the Dr. switched to a different machine there was only one happy growing baby. But…there’s still a tiny part of me that thinks “What If?” What if there are two little babies in there?!? Stranger things have happened I know, and it would be a huge blessing, but not sure this anxious mama could handle that!!

We’ll find out for sure in 4 weeks when we have our big ultrasound.


But in other news, we’re having a BOY!! We found out a couple of weeks ago but haven’t shared it broadly yet. While the thought of having a sweet little girl is tempting I’m just so excited that our sweet little toddler is going to have a baby brother to run around in the dirt with!

Heaven help me with the chaos and mess and noise that these two boys are going to create for this introverted mama, but I’m going to just love it. 🙂 I’ve been working on telling myself to mellow and relax (Ryan even commented this weekend how easy going I was – that’s a first! HA!) and I’m sure God is giving me two wild little boys to really drive this point home for me. I’m not in control.

My mama heart is just so full right now seeing all that God has blessed me with. A healthy amazing little boy and another (or two) on the way!


One thought on “Baby Bacon News, we’re having…

  1. You little twerp ! Just opened my phone and only saw the heading. Would not have been shocked to find it so…..but now I need to wipe the makeup out of my eyes.

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