Bacon Family Tahoe (or “taco?”)

Most summers for the past MANY summers my husband’s family has attended church camp up in Tahoe for the week. I’ve loved getting to partake in this tradition all but one of the summers since we’ve been married.

We went a few weeks ago and lets just say….Jack was BORN for Tahoe (or as it sounds like he’s saying “Taco”). Seriously, put this kid in the dirt, outside, with sticks, getting dirty, in the water, running around after the big kids, riding bikes and moving wood from a wood pile and you’ve just about made all of his little boy dreams come true!

While traveling with a toddler, and camping at that, isn’t exactly relaxing we had an amazing time (and ok ok we didn’t event technically camp. We slept in a house and just hung out at the campsite or lake all day and it was still dirty and exhausting and a blast)

Never in my younger self dreams did I imagine myself a big fan of camping but I actually really enjoy it and can’t wait to sleep at the campsite again (in many years still because I’m not doing it with anyone under at least 3!)

If you had asked me at 23 if I would love being a a. Mom      b. mom to one, soon-to-be two BOYS c. who loved to go camping and let her son run around dirty and free …… I would have said you were crazy!!! Funny how God knows exactly what you need, even when you don’t! 🙂

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