Balancing motherhood + work in a season of ‘littles’ | Making dreams happen

Are you living a life of

Celebrating the little (big) victories on my Beachbody payday today.

I never thought I’d want to be a stay-at-home mom, but after having my son I’ve struggled with the the fact that I was away from my son so much. I love where I work (and we need the income based on where we live) but I’m constantly feeling pulled towards being home with my boy and being overwhelmed by juggling all my priorities in the time I’m given. Since going back to work I’ve craved more time/space to to just enjoy being with my son and husband.

Last year I was given the gift of flexing my hours to get every other Friday off but I was still working a lot and still craving more space. So this year, with the looming prospect of two babies and changing work/daycare pickup schedules, I knew something needed to change.

So I’m super excited and blessed that this week marks my official time with a reduced schedule allowing me to be home EVERY Friday with my son! I’m lucky that I have a supportive team and supervisor that allowed me to do this, and even more blessed by my coaching job that is making this financially possible for us.

The Bacon’s have a short term plan and then bigger longer term plans. We know where we want to be in 10 years and are working towards that goal. Working out the details is the fun part and trusting that God is leading us in the direction of our larger family goals.

Think, where do I want to be in 20 years. What’s the person I want to be? and then do the things you need to do to get yourself there.

Have dreams. Set goals. and then make them happen!


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