About Me


Hello there.

I am: a lover of Jesus, a wife, a mom, a former long-distance runner, and full-time worker looking for balance in a busy world.

I feel blessed to spend my life with my best friend and watch an amazing boy grow. I love being with my family and enjoying the blessings that God has given me. I am passionate about creating a cleaner and safer life for me and my family by making small and lasting changes in the way we live.

Also, being a full-time working mom I’ve struggled to connect with women and not get lost in the daily busyness cycle. I first joined a challenge group to feel a part of a positive community and get accountability for my workouts and now am excited about getting to help others through my own challenge groups.

I am constantly pursuing balance between being and doing and figuring out what it means to live a life that’s as safe and healthy as possible and focusing on the things that really matter. To live truly alive.

Here I will attempt to share who I am, what I’m learning, and what inspires me.

Send me a message (or complete form here) if you’d like to know about what I do or how to get involved!





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