Bacon Family Expansion!

We recently shared that our family is expanding and we’re over the moon excited about it! While it’s nice to be free to run around in maternity clothes, and feels good to have others know, it’s always a little scary. So much could still happen.

I don’t take this blessing lightly and know how much of a miracle each and every baby is. I am forever and beyond grateful for the sweet boy that God gave me & Ryan to parent and am excited to get another little one to love and cherish.

I just left the first trimester which traditionally marks the end of the high miscarriage mark and the time when parents can relax into their pregnancy a little more. I’m a bit of an anxious nelly and tend to feel a little nervous through out the whole pregnancy. I had a miscarriage back in December at 7 weeks and that made me appreciate the delicate state that is pregnancy all that much more.

SO, I’m rocking a 12 week – going on 20 – week belly. I’m feeling better than I was in the beginning and looking forward to entering the sweet spot of pregnancy, the second trimester.

We’re looking forward to watching this little baby grow and can’t wait to meet him/her in January! (lets just hope they don’t need to come early like Jack did!)



More Space |My road to motherhood


I’ve been a mother for almost two years. That’s just crazy to me. To say this journey has been all baby hugs and roses would be a lie. I have not entered gracefully into this gig but slowly I feel myself settling in.

Pregnancy was a dream. Up until the end I felt great, loved being pregnant, and had a ‘normal’ pregnancy (and only the appropriate amount of anxiety about not feeling enough baby kicks). Then came the early newborn days and I was a hot mess in every sense of the word. Jack came during a heat wave and this already overheated mama was so hot she couldn’t barely stand a hot human laying on her (but desperately wanted him to). And I was exhausted from 4 days laboring in the hospital before Jack arrived, and exhausted from the first few days of being home with a newborn. Unsure of what to do, desperately trying to do the ‘right’ thing for my baby and keep him alive, and filled with all kinds of post baby hormones and anxiety, I became a hot mess (sorry friends and family).

Life and hormones balanced out a bit but I would say I struggled with postpartum anxiety for quite a while. Looking back on it I could say it was probably more than just new mom anxiety but thankfully it got better and Jackson is thriving. But motherhood still takes a lot of energy for me and I still feel more anxious about certain things than maybe I should. I’m a mess about his sleep (getting enough? too much?) and if he’s sick (is he warm? getting sick?) There has been more than a fare share of worry over these things and I’ve just had to work on letting it go.

Hormones and anxiety aside I think the biggest adjustment for me, as a new mom, has been trying to create ‘space’ in my life and balance being a mama and being myself. I never feel like there’s enough time in my day/week to do ALL the things that I want so I have to prioritize and be selective. I’ve learned ways to save time shopping (hello google express and amazon) and I say no to more activities than I say yes to.

In this season my priorities are spending time with my son and husband and filling my own cup in ways that fit around this time. I transitioned from going to the gym to working out at home. I love being able to get a good workout done after Jackson goes to bed (saves me time and energy and don’t have to sacrifice my limited time with Jack). And I’ve found a group of amazing ladies who inspire me to push myself, to grow, and to help other women do the same thing.

As we’ve adjusted to life as parents and settled into our new roles a bit the thing that still comes up for me most is the idea of space. I want more space in my life. Physical space and space in our schedule. I am craving more space for our family. More room to play and be without living in a super crowded and congested area. Where we can create a life that moves slower, with more time for one another (and less time spent in an office or driving around town) For more space to explore and play.

I’m not sure what this looks like yet but I have felt this growing desire for ‘space’ in my life and am trusting that God is moving our family closer to his design for our lives.

Do you desire more space in your life as a mother? If so, how do you find it?

IMG_2176 copy

Father & Son

It’s Mother’s Day tomorrow and nothing makes me happier than these two! What’s sweater than a great dad and a son who adores him? Pretty much the best thing I see on a daily basis! Jack is all about his daddy these days. Wants dad to make trucks, throw the ball, push him on his bike (and oh on if dad is around mommy will not substitute for any of these things). Sure, it makes my heart a little sad because my sweet little baby is growing up and doesn’t really need (or want) me as much any more, but I know it’s a natural part of growing up. I love watching Jack watch his dad, or sit up next to him on the couch with a book. Nothing better in my book!


My little tribe: Bacon Family Photos

I’m good about always taking pictures of Jack but realized that I didn’t really have photos of the three of us together (that weren’t selfies! haha). So, last weekend our friend Jennifer Michelle Photography met up with us to grab a few of my little tribe. I’m so happy to have these sweet photos that totally capture this moment in time for our family.

We are excited to have these, thank you Jennifer! And are just so blessed by this sweet little boy and where God is taking our family.


My Top 10 Healthy Living Rules


I’m not a medical professional or an expert of any kind, but I get super fired up when it comes to learning how to live a healthier and full life. I tend to be a black and white kind of person so it’s easy for me to create rules and put things in boxes and check things off my lists. This isn’t always (usually not) how life goes. I’m learning that there are ‘layers of grace’ and we all have to take the steps we can physically/financially/emotionally handle each day to live our healthiest life possible.

Ryan and I believe in the power of food and what we put on and in our bodies, and have made great efforts to ‘clean’ up our home and eating as much as possible. We try to live by the 80/20 rule and allow ourselves some grace, but these are the healthy “rule’s” we try to maintain.

Healthy Rule #1: When possible, choose organic produce to reduce exposure to pesticides. Here’s the Dirty Dozen: Choose meats that are grass fed and free of hormones.

Healthy Rule #2: Move your body every day! 10-30 min each day will help you be healthier inside and out! Find a program that you love and make it your habit!

Healthy Rule #3: Get more sleep and drink more water!

Healthy Rule #4: Limit your sugar and dairy (and gluten if you feel it bothers you). Limit processed/packaged foods. A good rule of thumb: Stay away from packaged foods that have more than 5 ingredients!

Healthy Rule #5: Know what’s in your personal care products. Choose the safest ones you can find/afford. has a great app so you can look up products and know what you’re getting. Even low dose exposure over time can cause problems. Stop using products with artificial fragrance.

Healthy Rule #6: Know your plastics. [Safer plastics = 1, 3, 5] [Avoid = 2, 5, 6] [With Caution = 7] Remove as much plastic and non-stick cookware as you can from your home.

Healthy Rule #7: Cleaning products often contain toxic chemicals. Many safer products exist:    Dust, vacuum and mop once a week to reduce exposure to household dust; a big exposure route for toxic chemicals. It may seem simple, but removing your shoes is a great way to reduce your exposure to lead and pesticides.

Healthy Rule #8: Simplify! Have less stuff. Do less things. Only say “yes” to what you love  and can’t live without. Take a look at whatever season you’re in and identify what you’re doing that can be put off for another season.

Healthy Rule #9: Spend some time each day being still. Pray. Journal. Meditate. Do a ‘brain dumb’. Get rid of all distractions and just be still with yourself and God and allow him to work.

Healthy Rule #10: Laugh more! Be Present with those you love! Take a step back and look at your life. Are you creating the the life that you want? Are you setting goals and taking the steps needed to get you where you want you and your family to be? Be intentional about what you’re doing. It matters!

Life lately | Jackson’s 20 Months old, what?!

The promise of summer is here! We have been anxiously awaiting the longer days and warmer weather and ability to go out and PLAY! Jack is all boy and loves being outside. From the time he was born he has been a major fan of the outside and it always seems to calm and entertain him.

We have been enjoying our rushed, but precious weekday nights and savor our weekends. We have been through a couple illnesses which made mom very tired and brought the introduction of new TV shows as a way to appease a sick little boy (only works for so long since this guy wants to MOVE!)

I say this all the time but THIS is my new favorite stage! 🙂 It really does just keep getting better. He’s communicating with us so much more now and putting little sentences together. Gotta watch what we say because he picks up on everything. Common phrases are: “Aww Man” “I got it” “I more” “My Show” “bread and butter” “Wash it” “Mommy and Daddy and Jack”. We love going through roll call with all our families names and name off everyone that he knows.

He’s the sweetest little guy and we are blessed to be his parents (have I said that before??)

Jackson | 18 Months


How can my little baby possibly be 18 months old?!?! Seriously, I promise he was a tiny 6 lbs 9 ounces when he came out – which you wouldn’t believe by his 30 lbs body now!! While it has for sure been an adjustment for me, motherhood is the greatest gift I’ve ever received! He’s the most nerve wracking and exhausting thing I’ve ever done BUT his laugher and cuddles and adventurous spirit make me over the moon happy! He is talking like crazy these days and it’s so much fun to feel like you’re really (almost) getting to communicate with him. He loves to explore and sing songs and dance and really is a sweet little love bug!  Jackson Gunnar we are so lucky to have been chosen to be your parents!