What I’ll (try to) do different with the next kid…

With new baby coming soon I’m getting all kinds of sentimental (and anxious)…

As I’ve mentioned before I was a complete mess the first few months (Ok year. Ok more) after Jackson was born. Take a Type A person, mix in some hormones, and you’ve got a recipe for an anxious mess of a mom.

I still think I have a little but of PTSD and some nights I close my eyes at night and thinking that I hear crying but I’ve managed to get to a place where I’m more relaxed most of the time. I will always be a little more concerned about his sleep, illness, and if I’m spending enough time with him than maybe other mom’s and I’m ok with that.


But as I prepare for the next kiddo to arrive in a few short months, there are a few things that I will try to do differently the next time around.

  1. Relax more on his sleep – I STRESSED and over stressed about Jack’s sleep (still do sometimes). Was he getting enough (that’s when the brain develops, right);  is he getting too much (don’t want him not to develop by sleeping too much); Am I teaching him how to sleep on his own or enabling him to need me to put him to sleep? will he ever nap longer than 20 minutes not in a swing or in my chest? I mean, I read books from just about every sleep speciality, tried every tool I could, and drove myself batty for most of his first year. And you know what, he sleeps great. He eventually ‘got it’ and falls asleep on his own, sleeps well most of the time and has developed quite nicely (despite not napping for the first few months of his life). So I’ll try to relax this time and understand that they’ll sleep when they sleep and ultimately will get enough and be fine ( but that doesn’t mean I won’t try and help him along with the process. I mean I’m still Type A, HA!)
  2. Ask for more help – I need to realize that I’m don’t need to be the only one taking care of him. That it’s ok if others help out and that doesn’t mean I’m being less of a mom or not doing my job. And I’ll also ask for help with things that I can’t get to because I’m busy holding a baby who won’t sleep.. 😉
  3. Give myself more grace when it comes to nursing – I was very fortunate in that nursing came relatively easy for me the first time. I appreciated being able to nurse my baby and give him all the nutrients and bonding that I could. But, like most things in parenting, I put too much pressure on myself to make it fully on breast milk until the 1st year.
    I feel there is a definite emphasis culturally right now that nursing is the only and best way to feed your baby and you’re somehow less of a mother if you don’t. But this is so not true and there are many wonderful women who give their baby all they have but for whatever reason are not able to nurse, or to nurse as long as they want.
    I was lucky that I was able to nurse my son fully for 10 months and then only had to supplement a little after that, but I hope to stress less the next time around if I end up having to supplement.
  4. Find more friends! I have been so focused on being a good mom, and feeling guilty for daycare and needing to balance that by spending all my time with Jack, that I lost touch with mom activities outside of the home for far too long. A year ago I joined an online fitness accountability group and loved the community it brought. Then in January I decided to become a coach on my own and it has changed my life. I’m still at home with my son most of the time but I’m able to connect with beautiful and talented women busy loving on their families and trying to help change people’s lives. Recently I also joined a MOPS group and get to fill my friend void in a whole new way. I realize that this is a season of littles and my job is to help raise them, but I also realize that I’m not able to give that my all if I’m not giving to myself first!

  5. Realize I’m doing the best I can and that he’s going to be ok and to maybe even enjoy the process a little more (even if he’s not a perfect napper, sleeps through the night by 3 months, eats foods in the correct order, doesn’t spend every waking moment with mommy, falls and hits his head several times a day, he has to go to daycare, uses a pacifier until he’s 5 or anything in between.



Life Hacks for a New Mom


Becoming a mom has been an adjustment to say the least. It has been an exciting, yet bumpy ride, learning how to navigate life with a wee one. Maybe it has been a little more challenging because I’m a planner and tend to be more rigid (read: don’t like surprises or changing my game plan. read: life with a newborn is ever-changing….) , but it has been harder for me to get organized than I thought it would have.

Thankfully we’re finding our groove and here are some things that have been helpful for me as a mom, and especially as a full-time working mom.

Safer Home/Product Solutions: 

As I’ve mentioned we are trying to go non-toxic in our house as much as we can. I have found a couple of companies that we love and that work for us (and they deliver so it’s a win-win in my book for saving this mama time).

Honest Company – We LOVE their diapers and have used them since the very early weeks. They are adorable, work, shipped directly to you, and they’re safer than other options out there. There’s some debate about how safe their products actually are right now so look them up and do you research, but we love the convenience of the diapers!

Beautycounter- My dear friend introduced me to this company that is shaking up the personal care product industry. Their mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone. They are amazing products that are just about the safest out there AND they’re working hard to change the marketplace so that more people have access to safe products.

Essential Oils – We have been incorporating essential oils into our household routine and I’m hooked. We use them for health concerns, immunity boosts, air fresheners/purifier and cleaning supplies.

If you’re looking to get into essential oils and don’t know where to start shoot me a                message, I’d love to help you get going!


I’m still trying to get the hang of meal planning and finding out the system that works for us, but I know it’s KEY to easy one pot meals that are quick to make. I try to make my shopping list/meal plan before going to Trader Joes or we end up eating the same staple meals each week (sorry honey).


1. Have a stocked pantry of staples to make some of your favorite easy meals. It’s great when you’re short on time, or didn’t make it to the store, to know you can still eat a healthy meal.

2. Create a binder of your family favorites and use this to do your meal planning. I have one organized by meal type and just sort through when I’m looking to plan our weekly meals. I like to add a couple new ones in when I can but on weeks where I know I’ll be busy I just stick to what I know (new meals take more time and energy to make than ones you know how to make!)

3. Keep is simple! This season in your life might not be the time to make elaborate meals. And that’s ok. Make it what works for you and is sustainable over time!

4. Meal Prep! Vital to making healthy meals fast. We try to bulk make a few things each week and help make throwing dinner easier. I make a couple big batches of oatmeal each week, bake sweet potatoes and hard boil eggs. I need to get better about prepping my veggies too!

Delivery of Goods:

Amazon – Always and forever my friend. 🙂 Prime for life.

Google Express – One thing I have LOVED using is Google Express. (An online service by google to limit the errands you have to run). This has been amazing for me so that I don’t have to hit multiple stores up in a weekend. I can get most of our Costco good, and baby food/misc. items delivered to my door. SUCH a huge time saver!

Thrive Market – I’m new to this one and just trying them out. They’re a great online shopping source to bring you healthy food and home/personal products.

Personal/Me time: 

Workouts– Find what works for you but I have been LOVING my Beachbody works. They’re the best at-home workouts that I’ve found (and I’ve tried a lot). They keep me fit in 30 min or less, motivated with fun programs and fitness accountability groups. Message me if you’re interested in hearing more! 🙂 

Kindle – a life saver for reading. Great while nursing to use the kindle app on your phone, and just plan convenient. There are times I miss the feel of an actual book, but most of the times I love the ease at which the kindle lets me get my reading done.

Getting ready the night before – I used to HATE showering at night, but since returning to work after having my son night showers have been my jam. They allow a few extra minutes in the morning to sleep if your baby was up a lot, or to read and ease into your morning (plus it doesn’t wake the baby with an am shower – convinced he would wake up if he heard it!) And I try to plan my outfit so it makes getting dressed easier.

Capsule wardrobe -I’ve paired down my wardrobe to a few essentials that mix and match into a variety of outfits. I keep it to what I feel best in and change it up with the seasons. Such a time saver and it’s helping me define my ‘mommy style’.

Mommy Community – Community and knowing that I’m doing things ‘okay’ have been something so important to me. Just hearing the voice of someone else saying they’ve thought the same things, been through the same things has been invaluable. Find your tribe and be in community.

Blogs that I love fora  mommy community:

  • Thrive Moms
  • Coffee and Crumbs

Anyone have other helpful tools or resources that they’d like to share? I’m always looking for ways to live a full life while still getting all the ‘life’ stuff done! 🙂

In this season: Workouts and Community

This mommy job has been an ADJUSTMENT to say the least. For 33 years I could do (basically) whatever I wanted, when I wanted. Then…
Enter a baby.
18 months ago my world was rocked, for the better.  I spent the better part of his first year just learning how not to be a crazy person (still learning this if you ask my husband); and not worry about every little thing, find myself again and things that make me who I am, focus on something other than just him.
But the biggest adjustment might have been in how I spend my “me” time. Gone are the days of hour runs after work or rushing to the gym after work for spin classes, and that’s ok. I used to spend leisurely time after work at the gym hitting up hour long classes, be able to run errands after work, seek out places to meet up with friends, or just come home and read and relax!. In this season most of this looks very different, and that’s ok!
Also, being a full-time working mom I’ve struggled to connect with women and not get lost in the daily busyness cycle.(Can I get an Amen?)  Feeling ‘stuck’ at home at night with my sleeping son, when I used to be able to go to the gym or do something social, I started to feel isolated and missed having more ways to connect with other women. One of my goals has been to find more community. I first joined a challenge group to feel a part of a positive community and get accountability for my workouts. I’ve found that I not only love the workouts I’ve been doing (they keep me challenged and fit into my schedule; I can do them after Jack goes to bed and STILL get in an episode of “Fixer Upper” before I crash) but they also allow me to feel connected to a larger group of like minded women.
But the workouts alone weren’t enough. As a full-time working mom I’ve struggled to connect with women and not get lost in the daily busyness cycle. Feeling ‘stuck’ at home at night with my sleeping son, when I used to be able to go to the gym, I started to feel isolated and missed having more ways to connect with other women. I first joined a challenge group to feel a part of a positive community and get accountability for my workouts. I’ve found that I not only love the workouts I’ve been doing (they keep me challenged and fit into my busy schedule) but they also allow me to feel connected to a larger group of like-minded women.
I’ve loved being a part of these groups and so I thought: Hey, if I could get my friends together to make our own healthy community this would be even better! So, I decided to join and become an online health and fitness coach.
My desire is to build an authentic and positive community where we can help each other to live a more balanced and healthy life. My passion is to help support my friends and family in finding their healthier life through efficient workouts, clean meal planning, creating a clean/non toxic home, and building a more intentional life
As it’s always a good time to set goals and find a positive support community to hold you accountable to move forward with those goals. I’d love for you to join me.
Message me if you’re interested in joining or just want more info on what I’ve been doing!

Saying Goodbye to your “Ideal Self”

I realize that I struggle sometimes with an image of me, or life, that isn’t always realistic (or even what I’d REALLY want). But still I feel pulled to feel/act/look a certain way ( compounded by social media and marketing tactics telling me what I need or what I should look like).  I’m working on letting go of the idea of an ‘ideal self’ and loving who God made me to be!

Read this post by “Darling Magazine” and these words resonated with me.

“From the time we were little girls, many of us have fashioned up a better, more ideal version of ourselves.

She’s 20 pounds lighter, reads The Economist and runs marathons.

She’s captivating, intelligent, and hilarious and steals the center of attention at any party.

Our ideal self is characterized by the unique ideals we hold in high esteem: athleticism, beauty, style, intellectualism, personality, philanthropy. But the danger with having an ideal self is that she robs us of contentment in the present. She makes us feel as though we are never quite enough and that we haven’t yet arrived. The truth is, your ideal self isn’t coming to the party. She wasn’t invited because she doesn’t doesn’t exist. But you do. With your quirks, insecurities and seemingly insufficiencies. And that’s a beautiful thing.”

– See more at: http://darlingmagazine.org/breaking-up-with-your-ideal-self/?utm_source=feedly#sthash.0GqmxvdU.dpuf

Full Post Here: Breaking Up With Your Ideal Self


Grateful for Moms & Family

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. A day to celebrate the woman who made us who we are. I was not able to be with my mom yesterday (will be seeing her this weekend), but was happy to spend the day with Ryan’s Mom (and family).

I am very grateful for becoming a part of his family and feel blessed to live around them.

IMG_7214 IMG_7223 IMG_7228 IMG_7249 IMG_7261 IMG_7265 IMG_7283 IMG_7306 IMG_7329 IMG_7348 IMG_7351IMG_7278

A Very “Moore-Bacon” Weekend

This past weekend we traveled home to spend always wonderful time with my family. It was hot and quick but much needed and appreciated. We got quality time with my parents and brother and all my lovely aunts & uncles that live in the valley. As a bonus treat we brought Ryan’s Parents (and grandparents/aunt&uncle) together with my family for a bbq on Saturday. Thanks Tom & Cathy for being such amazing hosts, as always! We loved spending the afternoon and into the evening at your house, and enjoying the family surrounding us! ( P.S. My aunt made a comment about the lack of people in my photos. So I made an extra effort to put in people!) 🙂

IMG_6830 IMG_6837 IMG_6841 IMG_6845 IMG_6854 IMG_6861 IMG_6871 IMG_6879 IMG_6884 IMG_6899 IMG_6903 IMG_6906 IMG_6936 IMG_6945 IMG_6946 IMG_6957


(daddio was a little over all the photos of him this weekend in this picture) 🙂

Friends and Healdsburg Adventures

Sweet and generous friends of ours invited us on wine tasting adventure with a few of their friends and family. We loaded up a sweet bus with good and people and headed up to see two wineries in Healdsburg on a perfectly sunny Sunday! Had a great time getting to hang out with new friends and see a different part of Northern California wine country.

On another note I’m still playing with my ‘nifty fifty’ lens and haven’t quite figured out where its sweet spot is (fighting with the focus and trying to get away more from just manual mode).

Thanks Joe & Jen! We had a great time!


IMG_6668 IMG_6676 IMG_6690 IMG_6693 IMG_6727 IMG_6730 IMG_6737 IMG_6739 IMG_6754 IMG_6760 IMG_6778 IMG_6814 IMG_6821