Country Heat is HERE!


You guys, from the moment I heard about this program I have been SUPER excited! I LOVE country music, was an AVID line dancer back in the day, and love the idea of dancing as my form of exercise (anyone else out there like me?)

This program finally launched this week and I’m super excited about it! I’ve already ordered it and plan to incorporate this into my prenatal exercise routine (low impact moves and will continue to add in strength training because I believe that’s super important in pregnancy!)

So, what is this program? 

It’s a dance inspired cardio workout where you can burn calories, tone, tighten and dance your way to your health and fitness goals.  Autumn Calabrese created this workout as another option for those that don’t love to workout, that love listening to fun music and want to get and stay healthy!

What do you get with the program? 

The program comes with 6 fun country-dance inspired workouts and a dance conditioning routine.

An amazing portion controlled eating plan with containers

Shakeology shaker cup

and a 30-day supply of shakeology ( in my opinion the best way to go and an amazing way to stay fueled and get a dense dose of nutrition each day!)

Check out this blog for tips on how to get the most out of your Country Heat workout!

How do you sign up and get started? 

You can purchase the program here or send me a message for more info. Along with the program you get access to my online community group which is where the magic really happens. We help encourage you to stick with it, provide support and information, and as your coach I’ll provide you with check-ins and extra support as needed ( I can’t do the work for you but I can help cheer you on to do it!)

If you purchase SOON you can get in on our select TEST GROUP that will launch on August 8th! 

Seriously y’all you don’t want to miss this one. If you like dance, and like country music, and like to have fun then this program is for YOU!

Or if you’re not sure if this is the right program for you, or want more information then please fill out this form and I’ll get back to you! 🙂



Why I became a Beachbody Coach and take more ‘selfies’ :)


Hi there,

If we’ve been friends for some time you might have been asking yourself, “what is she doing”. I was a rare poster on FB and pretty much just spammed people with my adorable son, but that was about it. But then 6 months ago I started showing up more.

Why you ask?
As you may have picked up I became a Beachbody Coach. To share a little about why, and so you don’t think I’ve just gone crazy, here are a few reasons why I love Beachbody and coaching with them:
  • I love the company’s mission to help people get healthy and lower the crazy obesity rate in America
  •  I believe in the direct marketing model that allows women to create income on a flexible schedule. We live in an expensive world and we may need to make a little more to make it all work. Or we dream of a life where we aren’t tied to an office 40 hours a week. There are many ways and real people are making real money doing this.
  •  I’m in love with their workouts and programs and thing everyone should be doing them! (I also believe you should do what works for you but hey, if what you’re doing isn’t working then why not try something that you can do at-home in 30 minutes?!?!)
  • I’m a busy mom who doesn’t have a lot of spare time for socializing and the TEAM environment of challenge groups and with fellow coaches helps to fill the cup of this mama. I just love the groups and would say HANDS DOWN that this has been the best part of the groups for me this past year.
  • and the NUMBER ONE reason just might be my other teach of coaches and the team spirit of encouraging one another and striving to improve yourself daily. I value constant learning and love being a part of a group that encourage one another to always keep growing.

My team is having a ‘sneak peak’ into coaching this coming week and we’d love to have you join if you’re curious about finding out more. Send me a message or fill out this form and we’ll get you set up! ( the group runs on Facebook for a couple days. No pressure to join. Just learn more about it)


Little Ways to Fit in Fitness


I spent a lot of my twenties taking fitness classes and training for marathons and half-marathons. Spending 60 minutes or more at the gym wasn’t a luxury it was the norm.

Like a lot of things in life my gym routine changed since having a baby and I’ve had to find little ways to fit in my fitness. I’ve found what works for me currently but have had adjust with each season of parenting (and will have to adjust a lot more I’m sure next year when baby # 2 arrives!)

For now though I will enjoy my time and try to take each stage as they come 🙂

If you struggle with finding ways to fit in fitness in a demanding season of  life here are few ways that have been working for me:

  1. Break it up: – Try doing 10-20 segments throughout your day when you can. You will still receive amazing benefits by breaking up your workouts into manageable chunks when you can’t squeeze in a longer workout.
  2. Use your lunch break: Sneak in a quick walk, find some stairs or grab a yoga mat and do a quick office work out.
  3. Use the time you have: Get up a few minutes early if that’s your think, use nap time if you’re lucky enough to get one, or squeeze in a quick workout as soon as your kiddos go to bed (or even set up them up with some toys or work out along with you)
  4. Use at-home workouts: This has been the KEY for me these past two years. I don’t have time or the desire to head out to the gym but I CAN get an amazing workout at home in a short amount of time (no excuse, no time wasted getting to gym).  I use Beachbody workouts and absolutely love them. I haven’t found anything that’s as challenging and effective for at home workouts (and I’ve tried A LOT of them).
  5. Above all else make it a routine/habit and be consistent: This one is key. The only workout routine that works is the one that you actually do! So you have to be consistent and do your workouts. Doing them sporadically is better than nothing but you’re not going to see results until you’re doing them (and eating healthy) consistently. That doesn’t mean you have to workout 7 days a week – find a schedule that you can commit to and stay consistent.


What about you? What are some ways that you find time to squeeze in being fit and healthy?


Cookbooks & Time Saving with Meal Planning


I’m still trying to get the hang of meal planning and finding out the system that works for us, but have found it’s KEY to use easy one pot meals that are quick to make. I try to make my shopping list/meal plan before going to Trader Joes or we end up eating the same staple meals each week (sorry honey).

A few of our Tips: 

1. Have a stocked pantry of staples to make some of your favorite easy meals. It’s great when you’re short on time, or didn’t make it to the store, to know you can still eat a healthy meal.

2. Create a binder of your family favorites and use this to do your meal planning. I have one organized by meal type and just sort through when I’m looking to plan our weekly meals. I like to add a couple new ones in when I can but on weeks where I know I’ll be busy I just stick to what I know (new meals take more time and energy to make than ones you know how to make!)

3. Keep is simple! This season in your life might not be the time to make elaborate meals. And that’s ok. Make it what works for you and is sustainable over time!

4. Meal Prep! Vital to making healthy meals fast. We try to bulk make a few things each week and help make throwing dinner easier. I make a couple big batches of oatmeal each week, bake sweet potatoes and hard boil eggs. I need to get better about prepping my veggies too!

And a couple of my favorite Cookbooks:

Meals Made Simple by Danielle Walker
Fixate by Autumn Calabrese
Anti inflammatory diet & action plan
Make ahead paleo 
Giada’s feel good food

What are some of your meal plan tips and favorite cookbooks?

The Power of Habits


Lets talk HABITS today!

Is there a habit that you’re wanting to start or change? I know we’ve all heard that it takes ’21 days’ to start a new habit but I believe this is only part of the equation.

I’ve recently read the “Power of Habits” and wanted to share a few tips the author suggests and see if we can start to put them into practice this month!

Habits can be broken down into a 3-part “habit loop”: A Cue; A routine and a reward (that’s why just making it a routine isn’t always enough to stick with it!)

A cue has to trigger a habit, otherwise the habit won’t happen.

I challenge you to start today by thinking of your habit you want to start or change and if there’s a specific “Cue” that makes you want to do this thing. (example: for me my ‘cue’ for working out is putting my son to bed. I know that when he goes to bed the first thing I do is go workout)

So what about cue’s. In order to change/start a habit we have to look at our CUE that initiates it. Cues fall into 5 categories: Location, Time, Emotional State, Other people, the immediately preceding action.

If you have a habit of getting coffee every day at work (ahem, me!) the cue for this could be any but for me it’s the time of day. Could be you see something that triggers the habit, being bored, anxious, you always do “X” when in a certain place, etc…

Look at your habit and think about the main cue that triggers it. Changing the habit starts with acknowledging what the cue for it is. THEN you can start to change that habit!!

Watch yourself as you start to do whatever it is you want to change. Try and pause in that moment and think about what is going on and why you feel you need to do that (Is it location, time, emotional state, other people, or an immediately preceding action?)

Building habits can help us build other habits. “Keystone habits” help us create ‘small wins’ in our lives, increase motivation, create momentum and create routines for building other habits! So, start small.

Creating a simple habit can lead to big change in your lives. We don’t have to start out by changing all of our habits at once, but pick one and stick with it and it can be the catalyst for BIG change in our lives.

Habit and routine are huge for being successful at balanced and healthy living!!  I truly believe it’s the one thing that keeps more going more than anything else!

Overnight Oats and Smoothie Bowls


The weather is warming up and I’m feeling inspired to switch up my morning breakfast routine. I have been an oatmeal for breakfast kinda gal for a long time. Like I’m in a rut for a long time. We would make a big batch of steal cut oats and add nuts and berries or nut butters (for protein) and eat that pretty much every day.

I still love my oatmeal but have been looking for ways to freshen it up lately. My sister-in-law reminded me about overnight oats (all the pinterest rage) and they looked so good I have been giving them a try! Great for busy mornings when you want a grab and go breakfast (or snack). Just need to remember to make them the night before (always my plan to make lunches/breakfasts the night before but sometimes it just seems like too much effort, am I right?)

My favorite has been: 

1 cup almond milk (or whole milk)

1/2 gluten free oats from TJ’s

1 tablespoon chia seeds



Mix milk, oats and chia seeds in mason jar or other glass container. Top with berries and walnuts. Cover and refrigerate overnight. Open in the morning and enjoy!

Some other favorites below! (smoothie bowls might be my new favorites as well! all though be careful – the calories can add up in these but a great way to get in fruit and veggies!)

My Favorite Smoothies

 Blueberry smooth bowl 

Overnight Oats





A Super Simple DIY Face Oil


Have you heard of face oils? They’re pretty much the kale of skin care these days and I’m hooked.

At first the thought of putting oil onto my oily skin seemed counterintuitive. Wouldn’t it make it even more oily?? Nope. Not at all. But I have found it provides amazing moisture and actually helps balance out my skin.

I’ve tried a couple different brands but it’s a product that typically isn’t cheap. I realized that I could probably make my own using Jojoba oil and my doTERRA essential oil and am so happy that it tried it.

For more info on Face Oils read here

Here’s what I did for my DIY Face Oil: 

Add jojoba oil to container of your choice (I’m using the container from my old face oil bottle)

Add 3-4 drops essential oil of your choice ( I used Lavender and Melaleuca)

Gently shake and rub 1-2 drops into your face before bedtime (or whenever you need a moisture boost)

Benefits of ingredients I used: 

Jojoba Oil – great for anti-aging – perfect for all skin types, including acne prone skin) (you can use half argan & half jojoba too

Lavender – great oil for all skin types – healing & calming

Melaleuca – good for acne prone skin,

Other Oil suggestions- Rosemary, chamomile, lemongrass, rose and Frankincense