Family Photos | Baby Mike

IMG_8019I have the pleasure of working with this amazing woman for a few years and it’s such a treat to see her as a mama. We were pregnant for a few months together and tag teamed our maternity leaves. I love seeing her love and excitement for her son and the joy you can obviously tell he brings her and her husband. And his hair! He’s too much cuteness 🙂


IMG_7891 (1) IMG_7863 IMG_7981 IMG_7905


Baby Dallas Everly

Such a treat to have a new baby in the family! My new niece Dallas Everly is the sweetest little thing and I need to quit my job so I can just play with all these babies every day (well not really, but kinda). I got to take a few pictures of her last weekend and just loved watching my BIL & SIL with their sweet baby girl.

IMG_6625 IMG_6628 IMG_6649 IMG_6722 IMG_6777 IMG_6872

Zoey Grace turns 1!

I can’t believe it has been a year since this adorable, full of life, little girl was born. A year ago this weekend we took some teeny tiny baby photos of her and now she’s 1! She’s ready to walk, on the verge of talking up a storm, and is full of smiles and laughter! Happy 1 year Zoey Grace!

10 day photos:

zoeyl zoeyissa9


1 year old!:

IMG_2273 IMG_2294 IMG_2301 IMG_2334 IMG_2364

Zoey Grace 9 Months

Well let me just say that I give family photographers major props. How do they get 5 people to all look at the camera and smile at the same time? (Especially when 3 of the 5 are little people!) I’m going back to taking pictures of dogs and wild life! 🙂

Had fun trying to get a few shots of Zoey at age 9 Months but the normally camera hog was not too happy about it…until we busted out the Cheerios. Girl after my own heart.

IMG_1275 IMG_1288 IMG_1313

Then we attempted to get the whole family. I know they’re not what mama was hoping for but I think they’re cute and show the kids personalities! Love the whole bunch and will happily try to take their pictures again!

IMG_1555 IMG_15711

Zoey Grace 6 Months

This girl has the sweetest personality. She is full of joy and love and will take pretty much any as it comes! Got to sneak in a few shots of her yesterday to celebrate her being 6 months! I can only hope that my baby will be as sweet as she is! Can’t believe that in less than two weeks we will find out what we’re having (and I’ll be half way there! Going too fast!)

IMG_0796 IMG_0883 IMG_08631 IMG_0853