Health & Fitness

Being a full-time working mom I’ve struggled to connect with women and not get lost in the daily busyness cycle.(Can I get an Amen?)  Feeling ‘stuck’ at home at night with my sleeping son, when I used to be able to go to the gym or do something social, I started to feel isolated and missed having more ways to connect with other women. I first joined a challenge group to feel a part of a positive community and get accountability for my workouts. I’ve found that I not only love the workouts I’ve been doing (they keep me challenged and fit into my schedule; I can do them after Jack goes to bed and STILL get in an episode of “Fixer Upper” before I crash) but they also allow me to feel connected to a larger group of like minded women.
I’ve loved being a part of these groups and so I thought: Hey, if I could get my friends together to make our own healthy community this would be even better! Each month I will be hosting private, online challenge groups for anyone who is looking to create healthier habits, find a community to motivate you into making these changes, or just stay accountable, all in the privacy of your own home.
Message me if you’re interested in learning more or want to get involved or complete the short form here!



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