Rules for Healthier, Cleaner Living

Healthy Rule #1: When possible, choose organic produce to reduce exposure to pesticides. Here’s the Dirty Dozen: Choose meats that are grass fed and free of hormones.

Healthy Rule #2: Move your body every day! 10-30 min each day will help you be healthier inside and out! Find a program that you love and make it your habit!

Healthy Rule #3: Get more sleep and drink more water!

Healthy Rule #4: Limit your sugar and dairy (and gluten if you feel it bothers you). Limit processed/packaged foods. A good rule of thumb: Stay away from packaged foods that have more than 5 ingredients!

Healthy Rule #5: Know what’s in your personal care products. Choose the safest ones you can find/afford. has a great app so you can look up products and know what you’re getting. Even low dose exposure over time can cause problems. Stop using products with artificial fragrance.

Healthy Rule #6: Know your plastics. [Safer plastics = 1, 3, 5] [Avoid = 2, 5, 6] [With Caution = 7] Remove as much plastic and non-stick cookware as you can from your home.

Healthy Rule #7: Cleaning products often contain toxic chemicals. Many safer products exist:    Dust, vacuum and mop once a week to reduce exposure to household dust; a big exposure route for toxic chemicals. It may seem simple, but removing your shoes is a great way to reduce your exposure to lead and pesticides.

Healthy Rule #8: Simplify! Have less stuff. Do less things. Only say “yes” to what you love  and can’t live without. Take a look at whatever season you’re in and identify what you’re doing that can be put off for another season.

Healthy Rule #9: Spend some time each day being still. Pray. Journal. Meditate. Do a ‘brain dumb’. Get rid of all distractions and just be still with yourself and God and allow him to work.

Healthy Rule #10: Laugh more! Be Present with those you love! Take a step back and look at your life. Are you creating the the life that you want? Are you setting goals and taking the steps needed to get you where you want you and your family to be? Be intentional about what you’re doing. It matters!